1. Optimizing Degasification Systems to Reduce Methane Emissions from Turkish Coal Mines (Virginia Tech), Research Scientist, September 2012-August 2013.


2. Reserve Estimation and Reserve Modelling of EUAS Beypazari Coal Field by Gemcom Surpac®, Lead Researcher, Industrial Project (January-March). 


3. Determination of Properties of Coals to be Used in AKSA Co. Power Plant and Rehabilitation of Coal Storage Conditions, Researcher, Jan 2012-Jan 2013.


4. Evaluation of Coals sampled from E and H Fields of Park Termik A.Ş. Cayirhan Lignite Mine in terms of Spontaneous Combustion and Gas Contents, Industry Project, Feb 2012-June 2012.


5. Low-temperature oxidation of coals having different ranks, Research Project funded by ZKU, Researcher, 2008-2010.


6. Low-temperature oxidation of a high volatile bituminous coal, Research Project funded by ZKU, Researcher, 2004-2006.


7. The Analysis of Turkish Hardcoal Enterprise Central Washery Plant, Industry Project, Researcher,2004.


8. Investigation of Methane Existence in Beypazari Trona Field, Industry Project, Researcher, 2002-2003.


Research Interests

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– Oxidation and Spontaneous Combustion of Coal


– Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Production


– Gas Outburst


– Ventilation air Methane (VAM)


– Underground Ventilation


– Energy Policy


– Renewable Energy Sources